Recovery Workbook Now Available

The Arbor
The Healing Through Christ Recovery Workbook is now available! This workbook is designed to help men, women, and teenagers who are trapped in sexual addiction find healing and recovery. It is a companion to the Healing Through Christ Family Support Workbook, which is intended for those with a loved one in addiction. The Recovery workbook will support people with sexual and other addictions as they work the 12 Steps and come to Christ for hope and healing.
The Recovery workbook is over 300 pages, and it is divided into individual sections to work each week. You can now order hard copies of the workbook at The cost is $29.95 and includes shipping. A Kindle version will soon be available for download, and it will cost $14.95.
The Working the Steps section was not included in the workbook itself, but it is currently in final development and will be available at the Healing Through Christ website.
Right now we have one women’s meeting in Michigan that uses the Recovery Workbook. It meets on Tuesday nights at 7:30 pm; more information is available at We currently don’t have a men’s meeting.
We’re excited this day has finally arrived!

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