God Always Loves Us

from Anonymous

The blessed news of the gospel is that the Atonement of Jesus Christ can purify all the uncleanness and sweeten all the bitterness we taste.”

I love this so much. The reality of mortality is that we make mistakes, we do dumb things, we get tired and weak, and we sin. Despite all that we do to screw up and disappoint ourselves and others, we are still valuable children of Heavenly Father. He loves us.

The choices we make do not shock him at all because He knows us better than anyone else, including ourselves. He never abandons us no matter what we do. We are the ones who turn away from Him when we feel shame, but the feeling of shame doesn’t come from Him.
Satan wants us to feel that way and to hide from God. He wants us to feel bad about ourselves. He wants us to feel like we aren’t worthy of God’s love and grace, but we always are when we’re willing to receive it.
God always loves us. That doesn’t change based on our behavior. The mistakes we make are part of His plan. We know this because He also planned for us to be saved by Jesus Christ. I’m so grateful that God gave me a Savior to save me from the wrong choices that He knew I would make as I learn to become more like Him. When I make a mistake and then turn to Him, He has the opportunity to teach me. Every time I sin and choose to turn to him in repentance, He turns my bitterness to sweetness. He gives me sweet lessons that make me better and wiser, closer to Him, and more like Him. I love His plan, and I love Him.

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