What I Know is True

from Brigitte

Feeling worthless and very small caused me a lot of pain all of my life. That feeling was caused by how the world I lived in viewed me, how my parents related to and treated me, and the choices I made throughout my life up to that point. The choices I made the first 32 years were made with what I had learned and experienced. My attitude was one of a victim. The world was against me and out to get me. Happiness was what I was looking for and just could not find. I looked for it in all the wrong places. I tried to find it by outer appearance, social contacts, saying and doing what I thought other people wanted to hear or have me do. I worried about what people thought of me. In other words, I lived a lie and did not even know it. Joining the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints and embracing the gospel of Jesus Christ opened my eyes, mind, and soul to the truth that would help me find the happiness I was looking for.

Women reading scriptures

I did not understand it all at once. I started to read the scriptures and church books and attended sacrament meetings and all related functions. It was a slow process because of my dyslexia and the inability to read well and comprehend things quickly. I knew that if I stuck with it, I would eventually succeed and succeed I did. Each day that I read and studied I learned a truth, however small. To understand that Jesus Christ loved me unconditionally, that I was of divine heritage, and that I had chosen to come to earth to learn and choose good over evil were hard concepts for me to grasp. It sounded so great and comforting, but my 32-year-old tapes in my head played a different tune, always reminding me that I was not worthy of such a gift. I wanted to be loved; I wanted to belong to that heavenly family!   With that came a new struggle, a new pain, a new feeling.  If my family and the world around me could not love me, how could God love me? Every time I got a glimpse of what that love was all about, and I could imagine the feeling just ever so little, my mind would play the worthless tape and the pain would start all over again. With that pain, I sunk into a deep depression, and the darkness of loneliness and abandonment became my companions. I had made a decision that no matter what it would take or what I had to go through I would never turn back to where I had been. Going back meant to be in pain forever, fighting to move forward meant that I would someday be out of pain. So I fought the depression by hearing the word and promise in my head that I read about in the scriptures, conference talks and other church related books. I took the words of the Lord Jesus Christ to heart and let them begin to heal me. One thing was in my favor: I believed the Lord’s promises with all of my heart, mind and soul. That’s what gave me the strength to put one foot in front of the other and draw closer to the Lord and His love and forgiveness.

Connect with God Throughout the Day

from Kaylee

How can I trust I am receiving communication from God? What can I do to allow God to calm my soul? God brings peace, truth, and great worth to my soul when He speaks to me. I have an inner trembling and it becomes more visible when I am in an uncomfortable position. How do I discover the cause of my inner trembling? What can I do to calm my soul?

pexels-photo-235621.jpegThe earth is covered with snow and ice, the trees are barren, the sky is a light blue. In the distance is a circular golden glow, with white beams reaching heavenward. The wind is quiet and asleep. The earth is still one would think; however, quietly and so subtly the snow is melting and slipping away into the earth. The height of the snow is shrinking, ever shrinking. Calm is upon the land, radiating its own beauty to be appreciated, reminding me there is a season, a time, a moment to be still – reflect – enjoy – partake of the quiet whispering nature brings – reminding me in oh such a quiet way God is near. Breathe in His strength. Breathe in His love. Breathe in His comfort.

He is near. Choose to reflect, rejoice, and partake of all He has to offer. God does live! My willingness to follow God’s guidance connects me to His ability to act in my behalf. Be Still! Like the wintry morning allowing me to choose to have the frozen crust melt away. Away from my heart! Away from my soul! Away from my mind! Away! Away! Away! Ever Away! God bless me this day I pray!!!!!