My Experience with Step 9

Over seven years ago, I decided to approach my mother to apologize for my disrespectful behavior toward her when I was seventeen. I wanted to tell her how sorry I was. As I spoke with her, the Spirit came over me, and I cried. My mother forgave me and said she should be asking my forgiveness.

Through this process of humbling myself, I felt that same feeling I get when I repent. It’s a feeling of being cleansed. I feel lighter. A burden is lifted away with the help of the Savior. When I’ve spoken with other people on my list to make amends, that same feeling of peace has come over me. Each of them said either they should be asking my forgiveness or I had nothing to be forgiven for. Being reconciled with others gives me a clean slate to work on. It is such a wonderful feeling of peace.

When I have seen these people again, the feeling of love and friendship is there, replacing old feelings of regret, embarrassment, or failure. The Savior’s power to heal us is real.


Will You Take The Opportunity?

This week both the ARP and Healing Through Christ programs in Michigan will be on Step One. With this rare alignment we would like to present a unique opportunity. Can you think of something, a habit or activity in your life you would like to change?

Would you be willing to work together with others in your group meeting on this challenge? There is no need to tell what you would like to be different, but we can encourage each other as we share about the experience of using the Lord’s Atonement to make this change in our personal lives.


President James E. Faust promises, “Each new day that dawns can be a new day for us to begin to change. We can change our environment. We can change our lives by substituting new habits for old. We can mold our character and future by purer thoughts and nobler actions… The Lord has promised us, ‘My grace is sufficient for all men that humble themselves before me; for if they humble themselves before me, and have faith in me, then will I make weak things become strong unto them’ (Ether 12:27). Let us remember that the power to change is very real, and it is a great spiritual gift from God…[and with it comes]…hidden promise[s] of peace, happiness, and a better way of life.”

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