Listen to the One Voice

From CMP

I want to tell you a story of faith which happened to me recently.

In early June of this year we were invited to a friends’ birthday party. As we arrived and drove up the long, narrow driveway, we saw an open parking place directly in front of her attached garage and my daughter motioned us in. We parked and made our way around the corner of the garage to a grass pathway into the decorated back yard, me going carefully as I have limited walking.

We enjoyed the party, met with a few friends, talked with others, ate and drank of the good refreshments, and then decided to leave as it was getting crowded. My daughter and our driving friend helped me and my husband through the grass into the car. As my friend who was driving looking at the multitude of cars now parked at the edge or on the driveway, she was dismayed at the hodge podge way all were parked, surely about 50 of them.

“I don’t think I can make it out,” she said.

“Go get David (my son-in-law). He can get us out,” I said.

My husband and I were already in the car so we stayed as David came and swung into the driver’s seat.

Everyone started telling him how to back out the long, hemmed-in driveway, and he called back that he did not need so much instruction.

“I need only one voice,” he said.

One man stood in back of the car and firmly shouted directions. An inch here, a foot this way, a few inches there, no, no, go forward and come back straight again. All of his instructions were obeyed instantly by David.

My husband and I remained quiet as we knew David would take us safely through the perilous path. Only twice did I close my eyes when it looked as if we would surely scrape the cars on either side.

one voice car.png

I had faith that David would take us safely through. David followed the one voice he heard, faithfully sure that it would lead him on the correct path, and his helper had faith that the words he gave would correctly take us all safely home

That is faith that we all can have knowing Our Lord will lead us safely on our path. All we have to do is listen to that one voice.

I say this in the name of Jesus Christ…firmly and strongly…Amen.

One thought on “Listen to the One Voice

  1. Thank for sharing this story for me to read today!! This reminder is an answer to my prayers. It immediately brought calm and peace to me through a difficult and important week!


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