A New Heart

By Sister Lund

As I have been preparing June’s newsletter, I’m having an opportunity to once again study the meaning of “Change of Heart”.  I see Step 6 as the tipping point between my old self and my new self. God sees us in terms of Forever. Here we begin to understand His perspective of ourselves. We let ourselves be transformed by the power of His Grace into a new and better person. It truly is amazing!

A zigzag-patterned background combined with a quote by President Thomas S. Monson: “Difficulties allow us to change for the better.”



3 thoughts on “A New Heart

    • Don’t we all need God’s help to see with spiritual eyes? I know I do. Only with His help can I see myself as He sees me, and see my life’s experiences through His eternal lens. It requires me to “endure to the end”. This is what makes applying Steps 10, 11, & 12 so critical. ~Julia


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